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Terms and Conditions

DEPOSITS: Gold Star Moments require a 20% deposit to be paid at the time of booking to secure your chosen time and

date. Upon receipt of the deposit, confirmation will be sent via email. The deposit total is linked to the value of the total agreement value and is therefore subject to change.
BALANCES: The balance payable for the rental can be paid anytime but must be cleared in full one calendar month before your event. We accept bank transfer, cheque and cash. We reserve the right to withdraw our services if payment has not been made in line with these terms.

REFUNDS: A full refund will only be issued in the unlikely event of cancellation by Gold Star Moments. If you need to cancel your booking with us, your deposit will be non-refundable however we will refund 100% of any additional payments made if the cancellation is made up to two months before your event. If you cancel your booking within two month of your event, your deposit remains non-refundable however we will refund 50% of any balance that has been paid. All cancellation requests must be made in writing.


DAMAGE & VIOLENCE: Gold Star Moments operate a friendly service. We will not tolerate violence or abusive language towards our staff at any events. Whilst we understand that guests are there to enjoy the event and the experience that we offer, violence, abuse or damage to our equipment is unacceptable. We reserve the right to withdraw staff and equipment from any event if we feel the environment has become unsuitable. No refunds will be given. Damages to equipment will become the liability of the hirer/customer. Children must be accompanied by an adult when using the Magic Mirror unless otherwise agreed.


Hirer/Customer means the person, group or organisation booking our services.


Hirer/Customer Obligation
The Hirer/Customer will be responsible for ensuring all requirements as detailed below are reached for the event. Failure to comply may result in Gold Star Moments withdrawing services. In this instance the hirer/customer will be liable for the full booking cost.


·     Permission from the building management must be obtained for the mirror to be operated.


·     Suitable 13 amp power supply must be available near the mirror away from human traffic.


·     A suitable area must be made available for the set up and operation of the Magic Mirror and accompanying props.


·     Parking and close access must be made available for loading/unloading of our equipment.


·     Gold Star Moments will require access to the event area at least 40 minutes prior to the hire period for setup and testing. Once setup, the Magic Mirror cannot be moved. This is included in the total hire cost but does not affect the rental period. Any idle time where the mirror is not in use as part of the agreed rental period is charged at £15 per 30 minutes.

Gold Star Moments do not accept liability should the event venue fail to provide the requirements stated above, thereby preventing the use of the Magic Mirror. No refund will be made by Gold Star Moments.


Gold Star Moments reserve the right to dismantle the Magic Mirror setup and vacate the premises should guests become disruptive and considered by Gold Star Moments to be a risk, either to our staff or our equipment. No refund will be made.


Gold Star Moments cannot force guests to use the Magic Mirror and therefore undertake no responsibility for the usage of the Magic Mirror during the hire period.  The Hirer/Event Organiser holds the responsibility to organise and encourage guests to use the Magic Mirror photo service that we provide. 
Gold Star Moments do not accept responsibility for any circumstances outside our direct control which prevent the use of our equipment such as power failures, flooding and travel incidents.
The Hirer/Customer accepts that photographs may be taken during the event and agrees that they may be used in publicity material by Gold Star Moments.
LIABILITY: Gold Star Moments shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage directly or consequently arising out of the use or inability to use our equipment, whether used singularly or in conjunction with any other equipment.
Where damage to the equipment is caused (excluding genuine faults) by improper use or conduct of the Hirer/Customer or their guests, Gold Star Moments will invoice the Hirer/Customer for the full replacement value or parts and labour value (whichever is appropriate).


MECHANICAL PROBLEMS: On the rare occasion the Magic Mirror may have technical problems, every effort will be made to rectify the problem. If the problem is rectified, the Magic Mirror will made available for use over the time period agreed. If the issue relates to a printer problem and cannot be rectified at the time, photos will still be taken with physical/digital images issued and sent to the Hirer/Customer the next working day. No refund shall be given unless the issue relates to a camera or hard drive failure where photographs are unable to be taken.

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